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We had the great opportunity to film Overhaulin' a television show on TLC (The Learning Channel). The program airs Tuesday nights right before Rides. (The time is 9:00 pst.). Ours is the second episode of the second season. The following photo's are of some of the build process and final product.
The car is a 1967 Chevy Nova owned by Katie. Her mother wrote in to the show and nominated Katie. Her car is her pride and joy so it was really great to be apart of the surprise. Her brother Scott helped keep the trick going and was also a big part of the build process. He was right there with the build crew doing whatever was needed to complete this car in 7 days.
We received the car at approx 5:00 pm Thursday night and it had to be finished by the following Thursday. There was definitely some lost sleep during the build process, especially the last 3 days. I know Gary only received about 6 hours sleep in the final 48 hours of the build! Everyone in the build team worked hard to give Katie a really beautiful car. Her reaction was definitely worth the blood, sweat, and tears.

Consent Form

Anyone who entered our shop area had the chance of being on camera.

Move in day!

Even our showroom space had to be used by the production team.

The A Team

These are the main team of builders. Back row left to right is Gary owner of Dagels, Ashley from Classic Industries, Chip Foose designer, Roland and Aaron from Stitz Hot Rods. Bottom row left to right are Brock and Jessie from Wyoming Tech College.

Set up day

The transformation of our shop to a "SET"!

More Set up

In the background you can see some of the toolboxes that were brought in for the A Teams use. Of course it turns out that Gary's toolbox tended to be the most raided.

Still setting up

Our shop typicallly has 6 or more cars going but we had to clear out all of them to make room.

Tearing down the car.

Inside the car is Candie Dagel and Jessie from Wyo Tech doing a little de-construction. It took approx 3 hours to have the car completly stripped!

Heres Gary taking a break.

We tried to talk them in to leaving the couchs but they just wouldn't go for it.

Body work

Here you see Chuck Dagel beginning the prep work on the body.

Dagel's employees Chuck and Martin.

The body seemed in good shape with only minor rust. (Until we got to the drivers side which had been caved in and filled with bondo).

Ongoing production

Here you can see some of the production crew.

Everyones hard at work

Chip Foose

Chip hand built a new gas tank filler pocket so we could smooth out the body.

Two A Team members

Here's Jessie and Roland discussing plans for the car.

How many pairs of legs do you see.

It takes a lot of peaple working at once to complete a car in 7 days.

All work and no play....

These three culprits gave a new "lift" to a production members car!

Of course for Gary there were definate rewards.

The cherry on top!

Chip designed this custom air cleaner hold down for Katie.

Another Cherry detail.

Chip painted this custom detail on Katie's "Cherry" Nova!

The result!

Here is the beautiful finished product. Gary had no problem posing for this picture.

Another view of the "Cherry" Nova.

This is won beautiful car! Katie loved it and can you blame her.

Nova Interior

The interior designe by Foose was beautiful. with leapord print fabric details it's a winner.

Custom detailing on the door.

Notice the opposing seat detail.

The new engine.

The orange paint was custom mixed by Chip and sprayed on by the co-host Courtney who did a great job.





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