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We appreciate your interest in our products. Our gas tank is our solution to the problem of space because, like you, our customers drive their cars. Re-locating the gas tank on a Model A has always had limits, hopefully our tank will be the solution for you.  Our kit provides; a support frame that allows a 32 gas tank to be mounted on a Model A, option of 4 different 32 gas tanks, rear polished stainless steel spreader bar, and frame horn covers. The frame arrives fully assembled and ready to mount on your aftermarket frame. (see below for stock frame applications).

As you can see our gas tank kit is an unobtrusive modification yet it achieves a perfect compromise of space and usability.

Sedan owners take note: Our kit will fit '28-'31 sedans with modifications on your part so ask for details.

Sedans, due to body configuration, will expose the recessed area of the top of the tank. We have changed the tank bracket designed to mount the tank closer to the body, however, you will need to fabricate a sheet metal filler to mount under the body and over (approximately) 6" of the top of the tank. The frame horn covers will also need to be modified.

 The following pictures show the difference in visibility. Please keep in mind the sedan owner did modify our kit to fit his vehicle better.

This kit is available in three designs:

DAGTANK-4A1 is for aftermarket frames using a rear crossmember that is similar to the stock Ford.
( photo 1)

DAGTANK-4A2 is for late TCI or aftermarket frames with a crossmember that goes behind the rear end housing.
(photo 2)

DAGTANK-4A3 is for stock Model A frames.

Note: A qualified welder must perform all welds. This can be installed with the body on the frame; however, trunk floor will have to be removed for welding.


A complete kit consists of framework, spreader bar, frame horn covers, and gas tank. Pricing on list is for framework only.

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